Pimenta Cultural and Peripécia have partnerships with the largest marketplaces in the country. By publishing with us you will have your work on sale in the largest online stores in Brazil. We work with large and small print runs, as well as selling through the PoD (printing on demand) system. This system allows books to be printed one by one from the moment of purchase and quickly. The biggest advantage for our authors is that the work never goes out of print.

National distribution

The printed works published by Pimenta Cultural are distributed in national and international marketplaces under the PoD system.

The PoD system allows books to be printed one by one from the moment of purchase and quickly.
The biggest advantage for our authors is that their work never goes out of print. The price of the book is similar to that of physical and online bookstores. The production time of the work varies by up to 7 days from the order placed on our partners’ website. Both the author and the reader can purchase the work at any time from just one copy.

In Brazil
: Amazon, Americanas, Shoptime, Submarino, Mercado Livre, Casas Bahia, Extra, Ponto Frio, Estante Virtual, Magalu and Shopee. National sales on these platforms do not generate additional costs for the author. The printed books are also sold by catalog in 72 physical bookstores around Brazil.

International sales:

  • the printed books can be sold via an international Direct Link for sale abroad (with printing at any of our partner printers around the world). This direct sale is free of charge to the author. The link will be activated within 30 days of the publication of the work;
  • and also with global distribution in more than 40,000 marketplaces around the world. Among them: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes&Noble, Garders, Hachette Book Group, Ingram, Kobo, Libri, Scribd and others. In this case, the author is responsible for paying for the printing proof required by the sales partners. The cost of this print proof (just one copy of the book) varies according to the size of the book and its specifications, as well as international postage, duties and taxes. After approval, the global link is activated within 4 weeks by the global sales channels and the sale takes place in multiple marketplaces.

All printed works sold are made in the PoD system
system, and it is not necessary for the author to pay for these prints in order for them to be resold. In this way, the number of printed books requested by the author will go directly to the author, who will be able to sell or donate them in any way they wish, without passing on any commission to the publisher.

We do not work with printed books in stock, the prints are only made by PoD.