The publication can be done in format:

  • print and digital;
  • printed only; or
  • digital only.

If you choose to contract the print and digital publication, but do not request printing at the time of contracting, it can be requested at any time after publication. What’s more, by publishing in print, your book will be available on the PoD (printing on demand) system, where you can buy just one unit, as can anyone who is interested in your work.

About Open Access books

Editora Pimenta Cultural publishes and helps authors to disseminate their research and bring it to the widest possible audience. The main objective in publishing your book is to disseminate knowledge and, based on your findings, have a positive impact on your field of study around the world.

Here you can publish your research in a digital book with open access and gain all the benefits that this type of publication can bring you academically and professionally.

Publishing your book or article in open access free of charge and permanently is a major step forward for the scientific field, since your research can be found anywhere in the world.

We have been publishing open access digital books since the publishing house was founded in 2012. We work with all areas of knowledge and have the necessary experience to ensure that your research is read and shared widely.

If you only choose to publish your book digitally at first, you can request adaptation and publication in printed format as soon as you wish. There is no set deadline for this, just let us know at any time.

On prices and public funding

The publication of open access digital books can be financed directly by the authors or by non-profit or public funding institutions through calls for proposals, graduate programs, universities in the form of a commitment or cash payment. If the author pays for the work, it is possible to pay the contracted amounts in installments.

Creative Commons license

Once published, the digital books are made available to read and download for free on the Pimenta Cultural publishing house website, without the need to log in or provide data, and on various national and international indexers under a Creative Commons License.

The digital books are published under the Creative Commons License – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International – CC BY-NC (CC BY-NC-ND) – which gives anyone the freedom to share and copy, while protecting their Copyright. Although Creative Commons licenses allow the sharing and copying of works, the quotation of excerpts and respect for authorship are protected under the Copyright Law (Law 9.610/98). Article 46(III) states that “it does not constitute an offense to copyright to quote passages from any work in books, newspapers, magazines or any other means of communication, for the purposes of study, criticism or polemic, to the extent justified for the purpose to be achieved, indicating the name of the author and the origin of the work”.

Indexers and visibility

The books are open to the public and we distribute them free of charge
on the Pimenta Cultural website and on various national and international indexers,

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. They are also sent to more than 400 university libraries registered in our mailing list and to more than 25,000 researchers, students and teachers in our database.

About the length of the books

PDF (Portable Document Format) and ePub (Electronic Publication) are both digital formats for digital books, but there are some important differences between them.

Interactive, accessible and differentiated eBook

Our eBooks have a distinctive editorial and graphic design, and are not simply a PDF file.

Access one of our books and see for yourself.

The open access digital books published by Pimenta Cultural are in square format, with artwork created especially for each project. This is our identity and what helps to differentiate us, but we have more than that. Our digital books are really made for this purpose, they are not just a PDF file.

The eBooks are programmed with internal and external navigation links, bookmarks in the title and subtitle entries, hyperlinks in the table of contents and index, metadata programming and other details that further enrich the work.

All the works published by Pimenta Cultural strive to share knowledge widely. For this reason, the books have basic accessibility features, making it easier to identify headings and paragraphs. Images, graphics and other special elements can also be described at the request of the authors and subject to prior quotation. The content is open and can be read by screen readers.

The main aim of all this work is to ensure that the book has a wide audience, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

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