Assigning a DOI to publications

From now on, Pimenta Cultural will be assigning DOI to its digital book chapters by the world’s largest association of publishers and institutions, the



What is the DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier.
It is a standard for identifying documents on digital networks.

What is the importance of publishing with a DOI?

  • The DOI makes the published text traceable by search engines;
  • It creates an individual identification of the article, it is the personal identity of your text;
  • The article will be referenced by the number sequence and even if the location of your article changes, it will be located forever, i.e. the DOI does not change;
  • By typing in the DOI of an article on the web, the text is accessed directly and no further information is required;
  • Inserting the DOI in the Lattes Curriculum automatically generates a direct link to the published article.

It is possible to assign a DOI to various publications, including:
books, book chapters, periodicals, articles, proceedings of events etc..

Now it’s easier, more modern and simpler to publish on the internet.


Pimenta Cultural’s works are published in both digital and printed formats. A different ISBN (eBook or print) is registered by the Brazilian Book Chamber for each format.

Cataloguing sheets are prepared by a professional duly registered with the Federal Council of Librarianship (CFB).

You’ve seen how important it is, so now check out our publication methods:
organized books or independent books
. We adapt the plan that best suits your needs.

We work with digital books, printed on a large and small scale.


We work with qualified librarians to draw up the catalogs of the works. The fiche is the identity of the work. It contains important information so that the works can be catalogued in the best possible way in libraries and other institutions. Standard structures defined by international conventions are used. The main objective is to facilitate the identification of authorship, title, content, theme of the work, as well as other national and international registration codes.