We work on all digital works with the programming of metadata, data internal to the work, which is responsible for better positioning of books in search systems.

How do indexing and impact factors work?

The indexing of 100% open works in

Google Books

is essential and of great importance, since it is one of the ways of accounting for the publication indexes of research authors.

By entering the data and the work in

Google Books

we were able to activate mechanisms for evaluating and counting citations and

” e “

index H
) is an impact factor calculated according to the number of articles published by the researcher. Thus, “when we say that the
index of a researcher is ten, it means that he has at least ten published articles, each with at least ten citations. The greater the number of high-interest articles published by the researcher, the greater the number of citations achieved, and the higher their
index, reflecting the researcher’s academic-scientific quality and productive capacity” (TOMAZ, ASSAD, MOREIRA, 2011, online).[1]

i10 index
is an impact factor directly related to the
index and shows the published articles that have more than 10 citations each.

We recommend that all our authors register a profile on

Google Scholar

so that their works are automatically indexed and impacted by our registration of the work. Based on these actions, the site begins to score every time parts of the text have been cited in other indexed works, generating a large search network.

How will Google Books measure the impact of my book?

Google Books measures the impact of works and automatically calculates the
indexes in the researcher’s

Google Scholar

. This index can be listed in the

Curriculum Lattes

in a specific field for this purpose. It is important that the researcher has his or her profile on the platform so that the indexes are computed correctly.

– Example of an indexed work.

1) Link to the book’s page on Google Books, containing: Title, authors’ names, summary, keyword cloud (very important for the work to be found by search engines around the world), ISBNs, ways of exporting citations by EndNote and others, QR Code:

2) Direct link to the book, which is used to share the work:

[1] Available at: