The publication can be done in format:

  • print and digital;
  • printed only; or
  • digital only.

If you choose to contract the print and digital publication, but do not request printing at the time of contracting, it can be requested at any time after publication. What’s more, by publishing in print, your book will be available on the PoD (printing on demand) system, where you can buy just one unit, as can anyone who is interested in your work.

The printed book

The printed book is adapted to the 14x21cm format. However, we can work with any format, the most common being 16x23cm, 17x24cm, 21x28cm, 21.29.7cm and 25x30cm. The graphic design is personalized for each book, with a new cover created from references sent in by the authors. We have two ways of working: 1) we do economical standard publishing (using a pre-defined template,
see this example
); 2) and also special projects (
see this example

The PoD system allows books to be printed one by one from the moment of purchase and quickly, with a production time of up to 7 days from the order placed on our partners’ websites. The biggest advantage for our authors is that their work never goes out of print. The price of the book is similar to that of physical and online bookstores.

You can also place a print order in the short-run system. In this case, we recommend that you place your order with us, as we will then place the order directly with the printer. From 20 copies onwards, the value starts to become lower in relation to sales on marketplaces. The unit value of the work can drop by around 50% or more depending on the quantity desired.

On prices and public funding

The publication of the book can be financed directly by the authors or by non-profit or public funding institutions through calls for proposals, postgraduate programs, universities in the form of a commitment or cash payment. If the author pays for the work, it is possible to pay the contracted amounts in installments. Click here and check out our Publishing Plans.

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