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  • Who is Pimenta Cultural?
    Pimenta Cultural is a publishing company specialized in academic productions, focusing especially on the Capes Rules for a good qualification of works in the Qualis Livros stratum. We have a strong work for the impact of the published texts through indexers and metadata. We publish: articles as book chapters, research group reports, texts from postgraduate discipline articles, monographs, dissertations, theses, postdoctoral reports, among other academic texts. The intention is to leverage the academic texts of our authors, expanding the audience and citations of their works by other authors. These actions aim to increase the H-index and i10-index and, especially, to disseminate the reach of research. That is why the distribution of our eBook is made for free and the book from Creative Commons licenses. Only this criterion adds 5 points to the publication in the Qualis Livros stratum. Its editors are Prof. Dr. Patricia Bieging and Prof. Dr. Raul Inácio Busarello. Both have extensive experience in publishing academic books in Brazil and abroad.
  • Who are the authors of Pimenta Cultural?
    Most of our authors are masters and doctors from public and private universities. We have already published texts and complete works by more than 5,000 authors and researchers from various universities in Brazil and abroad. Check here:
  • Does the Publisher issue an acceptance letter for publication?
    Yes, just request it at the time of closing your publication contract.
  • Does the Publisher have a Scientific Committee and peer review?
    The Publisher has a Scientific Committee and peer review, as it is one of the main Capes Rules for a good qualification in the Qualis Livros stratum. Check out our Committee on this link:
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