Advanced and sustainable technologies for automotive industry innovation

Autora: Ingrid Winkler Organizers: Thiago Barros Murari, Lilian Lefol Nani Guarieiro, Alex Álisson Bandeira Santos, Cristiane Carla Gonçalves
The automotive industry has always relied on innovation to drive its growth, with Ford Motor Company at the forefront of this transformation. Today, digital transformation is a key focus, with technologies such as AI, big data, and blockchain being used to improve personalized user experiences, develop connected and autonomous vehicles, optimize supply chains, and transform manufacturing processes. The Master's Program in Technology and Innovation - MTI, offered in partnership between SENAI CIMATEC and Ford, aims to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this rapidly changing industry. Through independent research projects and practical experience, the program develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and enables professionals to build relationships with key players in the automotive industry. I hope you have great insights to solve your day-to-day challenges when reading this book.
Prefácio Rodrigo Leite Alexandre Machado Preface Rodrigo Leite Alexandre Machado Chapter 1 Dataset creation for traffic sign detection Vanessa Ferreira Dalborgo Roberto Monteiro Thiago B. Murari Vitor Magno Bezerra Renato Silva Fagundes Vinícius Souza Madureira Chapter 2 Technological roadmap of types of battery thermal management system and their applications in the brazilian electrified passenger vehicles automarket Artur Sales Carlos Maia de Amorim Dr. Fernando Luiz Pellegrini Pessoa Dr. Ewerton Emmanuel da Silva Calixto Chapter 3 A new approach to use emotions recognition for vehicle security Paulo Roberto Tavares Oliveira Herman Augusto Lepikson Chapter 4 Enhancement of mechanical properties of polypropylene nanocomposites with the incorporation of graphene in lightweight automotive parts Ricardo Ferreira Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Prof. Dra. Lilian Lefol Nani Guarieiro Dra. Cristiane Carla Gonçalves Dr. Rodrigo Denizarte de Oliveira Polkowski Bruna Farias de Bortoli Monique Camille Rodrigues Camargo Chapter 5 Development of polypropylene composites reinforced with piassava fiber Fabio Ferreira Bomfim Willams Teles Barbosa Vinicius Pires de Oliveira Rodrigo Denizarte de Oliveira Polkowski Luciano Pisanu Josiane Dantas Viana Barbosa Chapter 6 Determinants of the spread of vehicle electrification and directions for the brazilian market Flavio Garcia de Oliveira Soares Filho Paulo Soares Figueiredo Rodrigo Santiago Coelho Lis Lisboa Bernardino Xisto Lucas Travassos Junior Chapter 7 The opinion of customers contributing to improvements in products and processes of the company: a study of case in the automotive industry Ricardo de Oliveira Silva Francisco Uchoa Passos Chapter 8 Towards an immersive product development process: opportunities and challenges for the automotive industry Ingrid Winkler Adailton Gonçalves da Silva Alexandre Costa Henriques Fabio Vinicius de Freitas Marcus Vinicius Mendes Gomes Chapter 9 Assistive technology in automobiles: a project methodology proposal for product development teams Rosemeire do Carmo Furtado Camila de Sousa Pereira-Guizzo Xisto Lucas Travassos Junior Chapter 10 A proposed list of requirements related to the implementation of shared autonomous vehicles in urban areas Raufi Francisco Stella Profª. Drª. Camila de Sousa Pereira Guizzo Prof. Dr. Xisto Lucas Travassos Chapter 11 Augmented reality head-up display interfaces for advanced driver assistance systems: a reference architecture Ronaldo Pereira Evangelista Ingrid Winkler Marcelo Albano Moret Simões Gonçalves Flavio Fabrício Ventura de Melo Ferreira About the authors Index

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