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How to get an ESA Letter for housing? - 2022 Guide

Nowadays millions of people are suffering from various mental illnesses out of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and loneliness are most common. There should be no shame in accepting that we need therapy to get better. Mental illness is just like physical illness which needs to be treated. I know most of the people are unaware of the ESA letter laws this is why they feel reluctant to opt for an ESA therapy.

If you too are one of those people then you do not have to worry. Here, I will share each and every detail about ESA therapy with you to help you make the right decision. The emotional support animals can help in reducing your stress level through their loving and caring behavior.

What is an ESA Letter?

ESA Letter is an official document issued to you by the approval of your certified therapist. It contains the official signature of your therapist or mental health practitioner. Your medical condition is mentioned along with the recommendation of the emotional support animal type. You can get your esa letter for housing as well. This letter acts as a permission letter to keep your emotional support animal at your home. The ESA letter is an essential document for you to keep with you. However, make sure that the online source connects you with an LMHP, as the site itself cannot issue you anything on its own accord.

Some people feel hesitant while opting for ESA therapy just because of certain reasons that their housing service provider will not allow them to keep an animal in society. If you are someone who travels a lot, don’t worry about not being able to fly with your esa animal due to some rules and regulations imposed by the airlines. You do not have to take a step back due to these restrictions because there are laws that protect the rights of ESA owners.

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

According to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), housing societies and landlords must allow tenants who have a genuine Esa letter to keep their emotional support animals if even the policy of the society prohibits pets. That is because emotional support animals are not pets there is a difference between them. An ESA is specifically used for medical purposes to help the mentally ill people get back to normal life. Remember there is no ESA registration with the landowner required to obtain ESA rights. These rights of esa owners are protected under federal law to help them get better mentally and emotionally. Even they are allowed to take their animals to the restaurants and parks to accompany them.

Air carrier Access Act (ACAA)

If you are someone who travels a lot, well it could be due to any reason, your job requirement, or whatsoever but you don’t have to worry about leaving your emotional support animal behind and feeling all alone without them. Under the act of Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) if you have an esa letter and your emotional support is registered you can fly with them. Airlines would provide you a free esa cabin for your travel buddy to fly with you. So you no longer have to feel lonely without your emotional support animal.

You can get your emotional support animal letter through the internet by simply finding an authentic website that connects you with a certified therapist. He will then evaluate your condition and if you match the criteria an email will be sent to you recommending an esa therapy to you.

Your therapist will also write you an authentic and genuine letter so that you can keep your emotional support animal. The Letter contains the signature of your therapist, your animal type, date of issue, and expiry of the medical official letter.

So don’t wait, life is too short to be unhappy. For more information, do visit visit

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